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In additional to our digital agency, we create and publish local websites in several categories.

Here's a list of our websites:

Local News & Information, Events, Business Directory and City Guides., Your guide to the 805  - Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County local articles, events, news, 805 business directory and city guides. Our events platform has local, regional and national events, tickets and venue information. The events platform includes up to 5,000 websites as part of Evvnts platform. Create your events today. - Ventura County news, events, business directory. - Santa Barbara County news, events, business directory. - Santa Luis Obispo County news, events, business directory. -  Los Angeles area news, events, business directory.

Advertising Opportunities:

To advertise on one or all of the websites listed above, please complete the "contact us" form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advertisers: Reach website visitors from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo, California. This is a uniquely niche audience with high incomes and disposable spending.  We offer digital ads only for traditional banner advertising, custom event listings, events listed on our  Evvnt powered platform (by, 805 business directory listings and upgrades, email marketing ads and opportunities.

Our network of sites receives over one million visitors per month (on average). Therefore, your advertising message will be well represented in our network of sites.

Advertising Options:

  • Banner advertising ROS (run of site) or targeted. Banner ad size are 300x250, 300x600, 300x120, or custom sizes, no anaimation on page load.
  • Custom event listings on (our Evvnts powered platform) or  Begin by creating a free event listing or upgrade to a paid listing.
  • 805 business director and reviews - business listings and custom pages. Business can add a free listing, claim a listing or upgradge to one of the paid business listing plans here. We optimize your business listing for maximum SEO ranking.
  • 805 business listing plus one of the banner ads listed above.
  • Advertising bundles - You select from 1 to many of the ad options listed above - create your own bundle and we can provide pricing.
  • Custom articles or "advertorial" - we create a page(s) for you or you supply the content.
  • Guest Articles - Please note: We do not offer "guest articles or posts" for free. We find that "guest articles" are actually advertising and self-serving. The  initial rate for a "guest article" is $175 to create and post the article (if it meets our ad guidelines) and then a monthly rate per a contract.

To contact us about advertising, please complete the contact us form with the name of your company, advertising objectives, estimated spend and target market.  We will respond with a quote or additional information. Thank you. 

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